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Facial skin care after 40 years

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Skin care after 40 years

Skin Care 40 – year-old women is significantly different from skin care 25-year-old girls. So to look good at any age, it is very important in skin care to consider your age, and of course the skin condition.

Women after 40 years it is important to choose cosmetics and of course the right to life. So, let’s see, how to care for the face after 40 years.

Skin care after 40 years

After 40 years, women need to review all the rules of skin care, because at that age the skin loses its elasticity and begins to “sag”, wrinkles and age spots become more noticeable. Skin Care in 40 years includes not only hydration, but also protect and restore skin.

Remember that skin care should be a permanent, thorough and comprehensive. If you want to look attractive and young, then do not be lazy. Spend every morning and evening treatments for face only 20 minutes. And the result is the face!

The first thing to learn for women aged 40 years -ce cosmetics should be qualitative. In no case do not skimp on makeup, and even more so do not use expired cosmetics. Purchase cosmetics that will fit on age and skin type.

So that the skin always looked tight, in the morning drink a glass of water. It was so much the body loses moisture at night.

To cleanse the skin using soft money

That gently and carefully cleanse the skin from dust and dirt. After washing, wipe it dry or is your face, slightly better skin pat dry with a napkin. If you need to deeply cleanse the skin once a week using facial scrub.

Give energize the skin, it is possible if to wash face with cool mineral water.

Very useful after washing face grease with olive oil and leave for 15 minutes, and after it is already possible to apply face cream.

Skin care after 40 years

After 40 years for skin beauty use moisturizing and rejuvenating face cream.

In composition which includes vitamins A and E, collagen, aksidanty etc. These components improve the complexion, reduce wrinkles, strengthen skin’s lipid barrier.

To maintain health and beauty of skin after 40 years together with the cream should be used serum. Substances that are contained in the serum quickly penetrates the epidermis of the skin, which means that it is better to saturate the necessary substances. Apply the serum to once in the morning or at night under the Cream. Beauticians suggest using whey courses twice a year, namely spring and autumn, so as not to supersaturate skin with vitamins.

Do not forget about the skin around the eyes, which needs special care. The skin is very delicate and subtle, and therefore only use the special funds intended for the skin around the eyes. Health and beauty products useful to wipe the skin around the eyes with a sponge dipped in olive oil, as well as in the morning wipe the skin with ice.

All cream is applied to the skin for an hour before bedtime, so moisturizing and nourishing substances could be absorbed into the skin.

Same special attention should be paid to the skin in the neck, neck and hand skin, Because it is part of the body gives the woman’s age. For skin care neck and decollete cream, use the same as for the skin. Do not forget to gymnastics that is so important for the beauty. For hands, use moisturizers, masks.

Be sure to do weekly vitamin, moisturizing, rejuvenating and toning Facial Masks. Most often in the mask includes vitamins A, E, B, collagen, fruit acids, elastin and other Facial masks can be purchased at specialty stores or make itself at home.

In the summer, when they begin to emerge fruits and vegetables, make vitamin masks, which are very useful for skin health, and in winter to make masks with oily vitamins A, E, B vitamins, honey, egg, sour cream, almond or olive oil, etc.

In addition, to preserve the beauty and skin elasticity cosmetologists recommend one or two times a year to make special facial (Lymphatic drainage). Typically, the rate of this procedure is about five to seven sessions. If you do not have the time or money to visit beauty salons, then once a month, after a thorough cleansing to do yourself a facial massage. All the movements should be light and only the massage lines.

And do not forget good sleep. Indeed, in a dream actively updated cells. That this process is more effective, apply before bedtime on the skin cream designed for face and skin around the eyes. It is also necessary to pay special attention nutrition, exercise (light therapy).

In addition, it is important at this age take vitamins (A, E, B group) and Food Additives That fuel the body with essential substances.

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