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Greek Spit | Greek Hairstyle

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Greek Spit | Greek Hairstyle

Every citizen of the country had noticed that the lush hairstyles today is not in vogue. This is good news. After all, what got up on the heads of 20 and even 10 years ago, terribly inconvenient, it all seemed too magnificent and as for what Babskii. Walk with hair is not convenient. They do not look natural and not very nice. Although, as the saying goes, “every man to his own taste.”

Now, on the beautiful heads adorn the braids of the weaker sex! Various weaving can not only stand out from the crowd, but also give your image the innocence and charm, which is so lacking in the world of debauchery and sin.

One of the most popular among fashionistas is Greek Spit. Weave its no harder than others, but it looks much more elegant. This type of weaving today occupies the first place.

The detailed woven braids.

Greek Spit suitable as owners of straight hair, curly and beauties. Most often, this plait braid around the head, which is very convenient for those who are in a period of Growing bangs. After all, with this option, weaving strands falling over his forehead, you can easily pick up in my hair. Make yourself a scythe is not difficult. Even if you’re used to braid themselves. You can do it with ease, the main bit of practice, and all will turn out perfectly.

Greek Spit | Greek Hairstyle

• Do parting, not straight, but oblique, running from the top to the temporal area on both sides. The hair, the rest of the line, that is at the back, it is necessary to remove the beam with elastic or hairpins, for further convenience.

• So, you have a triangle, of course, if you understood correctly. If he was unsuccessful, make partings again. That part of the hair, with which we are going to work is necessary to comb. Then separated from the left side is not very large amount of hair. Divide them into three bars.

• Moving towards the right ear, whip the usual braid. Remember that the Greek hairstyle requires patience and care.

• Then, get a new part of the hair on the left side and woven it together with the one that currently has the edge, and is next in the process of weaving. After that, continue to spin normally. As only do about two weave, try adding strands. Should continue before the hair is ready. Then braid must be secured or rubber barrette.

Now you know How to braid her hair in the Greek style. It remains only to improve their skills. And you’ll look like Aphrodite. Ambient appreciate your taste and ability to look good. And the presence of fans will grow to two atoms and vtri times. Most importantly, confidence and ability to look good.

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